Training plan

Statistically you are twice as likely to achieve your goals with a training plan

Whatever your objectives are, a customized training plan tailored to your schedule will be provided to ensure your goals are met.

  • Training plans for running
    • jogging-sport-minceur-calories_53251335 km (Goal from 40 min to 20 min)
    • 10 km (Goal from 1 h to 40 min)
    • 21.1 km (Goal from 2 h to 1 h 30)
    • 42.2 km (Goal from 4 h to 3 h)

Want to run faster?

  • Triathlon training plans




    • Sprint (750 m/20 km/5 km)
    • Olympic (1.5 km/40 km/10 km)
    • Half Ironman (1.9 km/90 km/21.1 km)
    • Ironman (3.8 km/180 km/42.2 km)

Determine your threshold paces and VO2 to optimize your workouts.


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