Triathlon training camp Mont Tremblant

Triathlon training camp from the 2nd to the 4th of June 2017 in Mont-Tremblant, (Qc)

Spend 3 days training, complete with, swimming, cycling, running, nutrition, racing strategy, equipment and mechanics.

This camp is ideal for:

Improve triathlon performance,

Increase training volume,

Evaluate your fitness level and see how you rank compared to others,

Practice your race day nutrition plan, learn more about this often overlooked subject,

Test your equipment, learn about the new gear and race day essentials,

Optimize your racing strategy, and learn new ones.

Weekend schedule:

It will be tailored to the objectives and athletic level of each participant.

Friday, June 2nd: 

10h – 12h: Arrive at Mont-Tremblant, athletes check-in

12h – 13h: Lunch

13h – 14h: Swim in open water

14h – 18h: Bike on the IM 70.3 course (between 40 km and 60 km, depending on ability/goals)

18h – 19h: Run (including drills)

19h – 20h: Training class, topics include bike mechanics and equipments

20h: Dinner

Saturday, July 1st:

7h – 8h: Breakfast

8h – 14h: Bike, on the IM 70.3 course (between 90 km and 120 km, depending on ability/goals)

14h – 15h: Lunch

15h – 16h: Training class, topic: nutrition

16h – 17h: Swim in open water

17h – 18h: Run

19h: Dinner

Sunday, July 2nd:

7h – 8h: Breakfast

8h – 9h: Swim in open water

9h – 12h: Bike, on the IM 70.3 course (between 40 km and 60 km, depending on ability/goals)

12h – 13h: Run

13h – 14h: Lunch

14h – 16h: Training class, topics include race strategy and other issues not covered during the weekend

16h: Depart from Mont Tremblant

Location of the event:

Mont-tremblant, Qc.

Support team:

Head coach: Olivier

Chef and head nutritionist: Jessica from healthysiblingfoodies


3 days with accommodation and meals: $ 420

3 days without accommodation or meal: $ 180

Daily rate without accommodation or meal: $ 70


All prices are in Canadian dollar, taxes included.

You are expected to provide your own food during sports activities (gels / bars / sandwiches / snacks / sport drinks).

Service does not include travel to and from Mont-Tremblant, including travel required throughout the weekend.

Participants are responsible for their own material and equipment including bike repair kits, rain wear, and sunscreen. Bikes should be tuned up before hand.

Be careful and respectful of others, abide by the rules of the road (the roads will be open to traffic). A friendly sportsmanship and mutual support between athletes is expected.


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