Statistically you are twice as likely to achieve your goals with a sport training plan

Whatever your objectives are, a customized sport training plan tailored to your schedule will be provided to ensure your goals are met.

Training plans for running and Triathlons

5 km

10 km

21.1 km

42.2 km

Want to run faster ?

Custom triathlon training plans with Nolio online coaching platform

Nolio, the application for triathletes. It simplifies the daily management for athletes and the analysis of the performance. Your workouts will be synchronize in your GPS watch, your target paces are calculated automatically with an online personalized calendar.

Triathlon Distances:

Sprint distance (750m – 20km – 5 km)
Olympic distance (1.5km – 40 km – 10 km)
Half Ironman (1.9km – 90km – 21.1km)
Ironman (3.8km – 180km – 42.2km)
Determine your threshold paces and VO2 to optimize your workouts.


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